Gomovies, GoStream, and 123Movies Unblocked (Without VPN)

123MOVIES Unblocked

The good thing about the following information is that it’s definitely lawful and performs with all nations and ISP suppliers, such as UK, Sydney, and the US. It’s a breeze and simple! So all you have to do is adhere to the 123 Movies Proxy Sites activities here.

Gomovies, GoStream, Putlocker, and 123Movies Unblocked on Mac

  • Go to System Choices.
  • Now search for DNS web servers pick it from the dropdown list.
  • Hit the + key and
  • Again, hit the + key and
  • Now just click Ok and Implement.
  • Now start the Gomovies, GoStream, Putlocker or 123Movies web page, and it should start without a problem.
  • Aren’t sure if the configurations are done correctly? Well, here is a screen shot on how it should look like:

If you aren’t a Mac customer, don’t worry! We have also detailed information on how can get Gomovies, GoStream, and 123Movies unblocked on Ms windows.

Gomovies, GoStream, Putlocker, and 123Movies Unblocked on Windows:

  • First of all, choose Start selection.
  • Now go to Control Board.
  • Select System and On the internet.
  • Then simply just click Modify Adaptor Settings.
  • Now right choose WIFI network that you are currently linked to and simply just click Qualities.
  • Select On the internet Method Edition 4 (or Edition 6 if desired).
  • Select Qualities.
  • Copy/Paste or take note of the any current DNS server information for upcoming information.
  • Now simply just click Use The Following DNS Server Details.
  • Replace those addresses with and DNS addresses.
  • For IPv6, you may add: 2606:4700:4700::1111 and 2606:4700:4700::1001
  • Now just click Ok and Close.
  • Restart your web internet browser and start Gomovies, GoStream, Putlocker or 123Movies web page. The website should be unblocked now.
    123MOVIES Unblocked

How does it unblock Gomovies, GoStream, Putlocker, and 123Movies?

With the activities offered above, all we did was modify the DNS of internet relationship. According to my information, each website you check out will be utilized via CloudFlare DNS IP “ and” and not your ISP suppliers DNS.

Therefore, your ISP limitations are side stepped and helping you to accessibility your preferred online film loading website. CloudFlare declares that with this technique, your ISP can’t even monitor your action online. Isn’t that awesome?

This DNS modifying technique is actually offered by CloudFlare, a DNS company that serves large numbers of web page websites around the world.

Did I ignore to point out that it actually increases internet rate as well? That’s right! According to CloudFlare, a regular rate of an ISP is 68.23 milliseconds a few moments to plug to a website. While with CloudFlare DNS IP, takes only 10 milliseconds.

I i do wish you found the following information uncomplicated. If you did, make sure to discuss this content with your buddies. Don’t ignore to keep a opinion below and let me know if it proved helpful with you.


Gomovies, GoStream, Putlocker, and 123Movies are sites that discuss branded films and TV reveals. Therefore, its unlawful to use such sites to observe films online or TV reveals. These statements have been distributed for academic reasons on ways to avoid your ISP limitations and get Gomovies, GoStream, Putlocker, and 123Movies unblocked. We have no association with them, nor are we a portion of their group or services. If you get captured in class or office or by anyone else obtaining Gomovies, GoStream, Putlocker, and 123Movies with this technique, we are not accountable for your own activities.

Microsoft’s Office Lens – A Document Scanning App For iOS & Android Devices

Office Lens is basically a novel and revolutionary application that allows you to click snaps of the material that is written. As an example you can take up the notepad, whiteboards, documents that are printed and making the notes in the snaps such that they can be edited easily.

You can download this astounding application from the Play Store. Office Lens download is going to consume 32 MB. For the application to run your smartphone must have the 4.1 version of Android and you have to permit the application to gain access to the camera and also to the photograph storage.

The Interface of the Office Lens Application:


During the commencement of the application, the camera mode is the first one to pop up. There are going to be options for shooting, resolution, current history as well as import. Pointing the phone on a particular document, the application tends to draw a box around whatever it thinks to be the text. The symbol of the Scanner allows you to make a choice among the document, photo and the Whiteboard.

Employing Office Lens App – How it Works on Android Devices:

Once you have selected the shot and pressed on the shutter switch, you will be able to have a look at the screen that is going to show you the shot that you have taken and along with it comes the alternatives of cropping, saving as well as deleting the photograph. Post-shooting, you still have got a chance to alter the type of shot: you can either change it into a document or into a whiteboard. The choice is totally yours. On saving the photograph, you have an alternative to give a name to the image and then also make a pick of the destination where you have to save it. You will be surely glad to know that these images can be saved to Microsoft Office Lens, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, OneNote as well as OneDrive. It can also be saved in the form of PDF. However, it can be saved in the photo gallery of your Android phone and so that removes the usage of Microsoft Cloud.

On leaving OneNote checked, it will be important for you to login to your Microsoft account. This comes up with an astounding merit because then you can get an admissible to the note with the help of OneNote on your personal computer or on the device that has got the application installed in it. The best part is that the words present in the image can be edited at any point of time and this can be done through the OCR. The option of character conversion will pop up if you have saved the Word file. In case you have saved the file in the PDF form then it gets saved in the OneDrive storage and then when you have to view it, you can easily have a look at it in any PDF viewer.

In addition to this, you also have an option to scan the business card with this application and can also locate the contacts with the help of the card scanner and now you do not have to deal with the real cards. A white box with white lines seems to border the documents. It must be remembered that if you move on to OneNote at once after the shooting of the shot then the entire image will have vanished and the reason being that it has to travel across the cloud and that takes some time.

When the OCR commences working, the text happens to arrive at the top of the page. Phone and email contacts get linked to each other. Now you can call up anyone you want to by merely clicking on the OneNote page. The Whiteboard creates quite a crystal clear image and you will not encounter any sort of problem in reading.


However, for Android users, it is recommended that they must install this application for once as it is quite useful and is very comprehensive for its users. Office Lens will help in multitasking and is quite able in the management of your documents and important official notes. So try out this astounding application and get an easy way to manage your official tasks

Download Showbox to watch Limitless 2011 Movie Online For Free

Showbox App Download : Install this amazing showbox app to Watch Updated Showbox Movies & Shows on your smartphone. Also find out the Release Dates of Upcoming Showbox Films List of 2017-2018.Apart from the categories presented above, following are several of the movies which are very famous one of the crowd and are loved by many. They are a combination of the movies from all the eras and from all the categories. They’re the people which your mom father could have also loved when they were in their teenage. So, let’s find some of them.

I have found a website like this a few days ago and got a really good experience with it. For a one time account setup fee it gave me access to download an unlimited amount of movies in great quality. The best thing was that it didn’t require me to download any software at all! This made it double check for me it didn’t contain any viruses at all, if it even did. The one time account setup fee was also very low and nothing compared to what I had to pay when I would buy every movie from a shop.

Download Showbox to watch Limitless 2011 Movie Online For Free

Plot:- Directed by Dennis Dugan, Just Go with It is a romantic, comedy movie. A plastic surgeon Danny who always acts to be a distressed married guy to get ladies is whom the movie centers on. Then Palmer Dodge comes to his life and he thinks this is the one whom he has been waiting for. He lies to her when she asks him about his wedding band. She wants to meet his to-be-divorced wife. He asks his office manager Katherine to pose as his wife. The story becomes more twist full when the children of Katherine get involved their scheme. Download showbox Just Go With It movie and see how one lie creates a big suspense in the life of Danny.

showbox movies online


User interference is brilliant like it runs machine 2.2 froyo. As soon as we say machine OS the leading idea in the field of your mind pray be present cellular phone OS, of course machine OS is same like all the machine cellular phone has and on the whole tablet computers. Messaging and creating e-mail is at ease with tying text is virtuous with 5 move slowly screen and still comfortable. If you hate to type in the field of broad qwerty tone board return to representation mode and you get the drift essential keypad, which on the whole cellular phone has. Well typing in the field of piano is quite closer on behalf of particular individuals but still on the whole individuals desire essential keypad.

The top reason that people choose movie downloading is that it offers the most convenient and comfortable viewing as possible. You can easily download your movies to your computer and watch it on your computer and/or tv just like that. This means watching movies when you want, where you want, and how you want.

The days when you had to sit in front of your TV set, glued to the screen so that you wouldn’t miss your favorite movie are gone. Now if you have an internet connection in your laptop or computer, all you have to do is connect to a website to which offers movie streaming or get a software which allows you to watch full movies online after downloading showbox for ipad . The advantage here is that you can be in your room and be comfortable and watch the movie, pause it or watch it over and over again, all for free and without any inconvenience.

How to watch the bounty hunter online is being searched like crazy right now on the internet. The reasons for this are many. First reasonis that the movie is good, and people have either heard that and want to see it, or they have already seen it and want to watch it again but not pay for it. I am not sure how they get put online so fast but the movie is already up, and some of the sites are pretty good quality too!

A wide range of sites always offer free movies and there number of sites which you can trust the most. You can use a search engine to find out these sites and can fulfill the desire to watch some great movies at the comfort of your home. Apart from showing full length movies, you can even watch latest movie trailers online and along with that some of the sites even offer some additional features as well. You can to get browses an unlimited storehouse of films from the site database, the show timings of the ongoing films, the latest box office hits etc. You can access the database of the site according to categories like drama, sci-fi, horror, action, war, romance etc. and can watch movies online.

To stay safe, go to sites that offer movies that you know are legitimate. These would be things like Hulu, network sites, Youtube, and others. These are legal and they are safe without huge malware issues.

Downloading is a very simple task here you just need to search the movie and then click on the download tab. This is a subscription site that provides you legitimate data and you can get all that only after you get a subscription. Go grab it.

BlackBerry Releases Update for BlackBerry Priv after 3 Years

BlackBerry will not leave its users behind and updates the security of its BlackBerry Priv.A 2015 phone that is updated in 2018, ‘rare avis’ … It should be more usual, but the fact is that it is news that the Chinese-Canadian manufacturer has updated the BlackBerry Priv three years after its launch, and is news precisely because No manufacturer usually does it.

In fact, a few days ago that Samsung itself abandoned the support of the Galaxy S6 , its high range in that same year 2015, although it seems that TCL-BlackBerry is serious about rescuing the brand despite the poor economic results , and this security update is the prelude to the two BlackBerry smartphones with Android and physical QWERTY keyboard that we will see this exercise.

blackberry priv

The update is unexpected , and is that the TCL-Blackberry itself had ceased support for the BlackBerry Priv late 2017, although they now claim that users are entitled to an update if the security and privacy of their data or devices is at risk:

If a critical vulnerability occurs, we will hire our partners, if necessary, to develop and provide users with patches as necessary.

BlackBerry Priv bathed in gold

No manufacturer should abandon its customers and users.The words of BlackBerry have penetrated deep into my brain, because the truth is that no manufacturer should abandon its users , at least with regard to critical security problems, and this practice is a tangible reality in the industry.

In fact, more than 40% of Android devices continue in obsolete versions of the operating system, without support for more than 3 or 4 fours and without having seen corrected very important vulnerabilities that put their owners at risk.

Be that as it may, BlackBerry is happy but at the moment it is alone in this policy of updates , so there is no better than throwing the complaint into the air and it is the manufacturers who pick up the glove.

BlackBerry KEYOne with physical keyboard

Correcting a security problem without changing the security patches
The new compilation AAW068 is already being distributed for the Priv of BlackBerry, with a weight of about 100 MB, although we assume that the device has not had much penetration in Spain or Latin America, so it will affect a few users.

There is no changelog to assess the changes implemented, and although a vulnerability considered critical by BlackBerry is corrected, the security patches do not change since the last update launched for the BB Priv, so in this case we must pull the ears to the manufacturer, and is that already put nothing cost to implement the latest Android patches.

If you have a Priv and you can not update it due to problems with the verification , we leave you here below a link to the manufacturer’s website with instructions to correct the problem .

Undoubtedly, good news is the great commitment of the Canadian firm , now in the hands of the Chinese giant TCL, which will surely leave many users happy, and that also BlackBerry has accompanied an update of its app BlackBerry Password Keeper , a password manager that at last it is compatible with Android 8.0 Oreo.

Apple to Make Updates to iBooks in iOS 12 : See What’s New?

iBooks on iOS 12 could have a Today section with recommended content, similar to the App Store

The iBooks app is one of the main candidates to change in the coming months. Several tracks indicate a complete redesign with new features and concepts for Apple’s book reading service. One of those upcoming updates that we might see soon is the Today section. A section similar to the App Store with content recommended by the editorial team of Apple.

According to MacOtakara , Apple has published several job offers in the last months looking for content curators to assemble their editorial team for iBooks. This team would recommend daily authors, books, compilations, interviews and other types of contents to show them in the dedicated section.

Recommendations, but also focus on what you’re reading and audiobooks
The section Today in the App Store has worked in an excellent way , many users are discovering dozens of applications and games with which to take advantage of the iPhone and the iPad, so it would not be strange to see something similar in iBooks to give it a boost to the sale of books. Of books and audiobooks, it is rumored that the service will integrate much better the sale of books in audio format, with an integrated player.

On the other hand, it is almost certain that the service leaves the “i” and is simply called Books (ø? Books?) . In the first beta of iOS 11.3 the app came to be called like that but in the following versions it returned to iBooks, surely it is a clue of what is to come.

The name change is not really the most important thing that needs to change Apple’s book service, but its design. Improving reading is complicated, but the organization of books and the content of the library . At the moment still it maintains the concept of bookshelf that inherits from the skeumorfista iOS 6 and previous versions. In any case, we may know more about it in the next academic event on March 27 or if not in the keynote of WWDC 2018 , which this year is held on June 4.