Microsoft’s Office Lens – A Document Scanning App For iOS & Android Devices

Office Lens is basically a novel and revolutionary application that allows you to click snaps of the material that is written. As an example you can take up the notepad, whiteboards, documents that are printed and making the notes in the snaps such that they can be edited easily.

You can download this astounding application from the Play Store. Office Lens download is going to consume 32 MB. For the application to run your smartphone must have the 4.1 version of Android and you have to permit the application to gain access to the camera and also to the photograph storage.

The Interface of the Office Lens Application:


During the commencement of the application, the camera mode is the first one to pop up. There are going to be options for shooting, resolution, current history as well as import. Pointing the phone on a particular document, the application tends to draw a box around whatever it thinks to be the text. The symbol of the Scanner allows you to make a choice among the document, photo and the Whiteboard.

Employing Office Lens App – How it Works on Android Devices:

Once you have selected the shot and pressed on the shutter switch, you will be able to have a look at the screen that is going to show you the shot that you have taken and along with it comes the alternatives of cropping, saving as well as deleting the photograph. Post-shooting, you still have got a chance to alter the type of shot: you can either change it into a document or into a whiteboard. The choice is totally yours. On saving the photograph, you have an alternative to give a name to the image and then also make a pick of the destination where you have to save it. You will be surely glad to know that these images can be saved to Microsoft Office Lens, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, OneNote as well as OneDrive. It can also be saved in the form of PDF. However, it can be saved in the photo gallery of your Android phone and so that removes the usage of Microsoft Cloud.

On leaving OneNote checked, it will be important for you to login to your Microsoft account. This comes up with an astounding merit because then you can get an admissible to the note with the help of OneNote on your personal computer or on the device that has got the application installed in it. The best part is that the words present in the image can be edited at any point of time and this can be done through the OCR. The option of character conversion will pop up if you have saved the Word file. In case you have saved the file in the PDF form then it gets saved in the OneDrive storage and then when you have to view it, you can easily have a look at it in any PDF viewer.

In addition to this, you also have an option to scan the business card with this application and can also locate the contacts with the help of the card scanner and now you do not have to deal with the real cards. A white box with white lines seems to border the documents. It must be remembered that if you move on to OneNote at once after the shooting of the shot then the entire image will have vanished and the reason being that it has to travel across the cloud and that takes some time.

When the OCR commences working, the text happens to arrive at the top of the page. Phone and email contacts get linked to each other. Now you can call up anyone you want to by merely clicking on the OneNote page. The Whiteboard creates quite a crystal clear image and you will not encounter any sort of problem in reading.


However, for Android users, it is recommended that they must install this application for once as it is quite useful and is very comprehensive for its users. Office Lens will help in multitasking and is quite able in the management of your documents and important official notes. So try out this astounding application and get an easy way to manage your official tasks

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